Home & Away First Aid Kits


Travel Kit with Belt Tags


(USUALLY $49.50)

Small Size Soft-pack, very light-weight with belt-loops includes Resuscitation Shield and Thermal Blanket, Great for traveller's, City to City. 22 Item Kit. K156R4

Snake Bite Kit




Snake Bite Kit Contents of 3 x 10cm Heavy Crepe Bandages, 1 x Thermal Survival Blanket, comes in Tough Zip up
Green Bag with Belt Loop. Makes this snake bite kit a must have for at home and away, keep one in every vehicle. KSNAKE

Car or Travel




Small Compact Dustproof Kit, includes resuscitation mask and offer's a good range of all-round Basic Cover. 21 Item Kit. K160

Medium Compact Soft First Aid Kit



Dustproof Softpack Package that includes Bandages suitable for Snake-Bite Treatment, Very Good First Aid Cover for People on the Move Home & Away. "31 Item Kit". K170

Medium Home Portable First Aid Kit

Portable First Aid Low Risk Level Kit, fully covers most home situations. Has become one of the most popular in our large range. Plenty of space for adding any extras to this 48 item kit. K410

Low Risk Portable


Portable First Aid advisory standard Level Kit, fully covers Home or Low Risk Workplace, Counter Sunk Lid for dust and rain proofing, a Great 79 Item Kit. K400



Small Office & Home

HALF PRICE $115 1x only (usually $235)

Small Office or Home Metal wall mount. First Aid advisory standard Level, Lid of this Kit Becomes a workbench first aid table, Low Risk Cover. 58 Item Kit. K600

Senior Soft Pack First Aid Kit

Deluxe Remote Area Soft Pack, includes Full Size Resuscitation Mask, Bandages suitable for Snake-Bite treatments. Correct First Responder Cover. 73 Item Kit. K55

Remote Area Vehicle Cover

Farm Safe Model) The Very Best in Remote Area Cover. Specially Designed for Travel Everywhere and Anywhere on and Off-Road Australia Wide. Head Rest Strap 76 Item Kit. K45RM

Home or Away Compact

k295 open



Home or Away Compact Portable suits small family or singles living in town. Very nice 38 item kit. K295