Construction First Aid Kits


Truck Vehicle



Good Basic cover, white powder coated metal box for Ute or small Truck.36 Item Kit. K250.

Subbie First Aid Kit

Moderate Cover, powder coated Metal Box. Vehicle, On-Site Subbie Use, 1 - 3 persons. 53 Item Kit. K280

Contractor First Aid Kit


(USUALLY $255)


Moderate to High Risk Builders powder coated Metal Box. Onsite cover up to 12 persons. 79 Item Kit. K500

Warehouse - Store First Aid Kit

Warehouse and storage with pallet racking and forklift or low risk workplace up to 45 persons.
Another great Australian made 107 item kit designed to cover your risk. K800

Workshop - Manufacturing First Aid Kit

Workshop, Manufacturing, Factory, High Risk Workplace or will suit up to 60 Persons in most Low Risk situations. Powder Coated Metal Wall-mont with lock. 108 Item Kit. K900



First Aid Room High Risk Workplace

Full cover kit for large Workplaces or First Aid room. 138 Item Kit with all the right products to cover risk your Duty of Care and code of practice 2013. K1000

High Risk Portable First Responder

Large First Responder Infield use. Very Good Kit to Cover most Risks. 
Big Two Tray Top of the Range Paramedic Size for Serious User's. K1010