Comprehensive First Aid Kits


Senior Soft Pack First Aid Kit

Deluxe Remote Area Soft Pack, includes Full Size Resuscitation Mask, Bandages suitable for Snake-Bite treatments. Correct First Responder Cover. 73 Item Kit. K55

First Responder First Aid Kit


Very good Full Cover Remote Area Kit Recommended Price $670.
Reduced to $470. $200! off Only While Stocks Last. No Other Discounts Apply K1666

Remote Area Vehicle Cover

Farm Safe Model) The Very Best in Remote Area Cover. Specially Designed for Travel Everywhere and Anywhere on and Off-Road Australia Wide. Head Rest Strap 76 Item Kit. K45RM

First Aid Room High Risk Workplace

Full cover kit for large Workplaces or First Aid room. 138 Item Kit with all the right products to cover risk your Duty of Care and code of practice 2013. K1000

High Risk Portable First Responder

Large First Responder Infield use. Very Good Kit to Cover most Risks. 
Big Two Tray Top of the Range Paramedic Size for Serious User's. K1010