Stifneck Select Collar

stifneck collar

The quickest and easiest-to-use adjustable collar on the market providing outstanding immobilization. All you have to do is measure the patient, select the size, adjust and lock! Easy access for pulse checks, advanced airway procedures, and visualization through oversized trachea hole. There is room for large fingers to slide through the rear panel opening for cervical palpation. Radiolucent, MRI and CT scan compatible.

(Code 980010)

Stifneck Pedi Select

Three Paediatric collars in one

Spider Strap

spider straps

A one piece restraint belt system to transport a patient.


(Code EG 010B)

Spine Board Straps Orange 2 x Pack

Spine Board Straps 2 x Pack Orange in Colour (not black)

Code EG 010C