CPR Manikin Replacement Parts


Advanced Practi Man face skin pack of 8

Advanced Practi Man manikin face skin pack of 8

(Code Face MB AD)

Advanced Practi Man one way valves 4 pack

sp 002

4 x pack of one way valves for the Advanced Practi Man Manikin

(Code SP002 AD)

CPR Prompt Manikin Carry Bag


Prompt Manikin Bag 76cm x 33cm x 48cm . (For use with Prompt Manikins LF06100U & LF06700U)

Can hold up to 5 Adults & 2 infant manikins

Code (LF06929U)

6 week lead time applies


Practi-CRM Compression Rate Monitor Wrist Band

Designed to measure compression rate when practicing chest compressions on a manikin. Worn on the wrist, a diode illuminates red when compressions are less than 100 per minute. When compression rate rises to 100 CPM or higher, the diode illuminates green. Flexible wrist band adjusts to any size wrist. May be used with any training manikin. One-year warranty.

(Code SB48730U)

CPR Prompt replacement Chest Clickers 5 pack

Package of 5 Replacement Bellow's. For use with CPR Prompt® Training and Practice manikins. (Code LF06909U)

Kim Manikin Face Pieces 10 Pack

Mouth / Nose Pieces for Kim CPR Manikin 10 Pack. (Code PP02068U)

Kyle Manikin Face Pieces 10 Pack

Mouth / Nose Pieces for Kyle CPR Manikin 10 Pack. (Code PP02082U)

Brad Manikin Face Pieces 10 Pack

Mouth Nose Pieces 10 pack for use with Brad Manikins. Code PP02023U White colour only

Brad Chest Plate

This is the replacement chest plate for the Brad Adult CPR Manikin. PP02807U

Brad Replacement Head

Brad CPR Replacement Head Ref: PP02512U
This is the replacement head for the Brad CPR manikin, the Brad Stoma Manikin.
Includes just 1 single head only.

Basic Buddy Carry Bag

Holds five fully assembled Basic Buddy™ manikins. (Code LF03697U) 6 week lead time applies.