Kim / Kevin / Kyle Manikins


Kim Infant CPR Manikin

A professional paediatric CPR manikin with Carry Bag.

 FREE BONUS 10 x pack of mouth nose pieces!! 

 See more details! (Code PP02901U)

Kevin 6-9 Month Infant CPR Manikin

A 6-9 month old infant CPR Manikin with carry Bag.

 (Code PP02976U)

 6 week lead time applies to this item.

Kyle 3 Year Old Child CPR Manikin

This economical manikin realistically portrays a 3-year-old child for instruction of CPR techniques. With Carry Bag.

 FREE BONUS 10 x pack of mouth nose pieces!! 

(Code PP02951U)

Jaw Thrust JT Kyle

This jaw thrust capable paediatric Kyle manikin offers you another option for teaching healthcare professionals. Comes with carry bag. (Code PP02960U)

6 week lead time.

OPA and ECG Upgrade Kit for CPR Kyle Manikin


This upgrade package includes a head designed for insertion of oropharyngeal airways, an overlay that features four-lead monitoring capabilities and Simulaids’ popular ECG Interactive Rhythm Generator.


Not available on-line please call or email for purchase enquiries.