Ezivent 2000 Elite Kit (Oxygen Response Kit Contents)

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APL Healthcares Ezivent 2000 Oxy Kit contents offers rescuers many features including:

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  • An ability to respond to a wide range of emergencies
  • Multiple carry options - carry handles or shoulder strap
  • It offers a multi-flow regulator, oxygen therapy and an extra high pressure outlet, which allows for inclusion of an additional high pressure resuscitation line or venturi suction system

The ideal soft pack option to store the contents is Standard Oxygen Bag MS12011AN (Navy colour) Available in the empty bags section.

Kit excludes oxygen cylinder & soft pack



Multi-flow Oxygen Regulator with 2 x DISS outlets

Bag-Valve Mask Adult Resuscitator

Oxygen Powered Suction Unit

Adult Hudson Mask

Child Hudson Mask

Adult & Child Asthma Masks

Spare Oxygen Hosing

Oro-Pharangeal Airways set x 8

Yankauer Sucker


Kit contents exclude cylinder & softpack