Ezivent 3000 (Oxygen & Trauma Response Kit contents)

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 APL Healthcare’s Ezivent 3000 Oxy Kit Contents offers rescuers many features including:


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  • An ability to respond to a wide range of emergencies in difficult weather and geographical circumstances
  • Monitor PCO2 levels
  • Regulator options: Demand-Valve Head or Multi-Flow Regulator w/2 x DISS outlets which allows for inclusion of an additional high pressure resuscitation line or venturi suction system.
  • Water resistance & a robust Carry Bag or Back-Pack option

 The ideal soft pack options to store the contents are the Oxygen Bag Blue (Code: MS12016AB) or the Oxygen Back Pack Professional (Code: MS12027AR – Red, or MS12027A – Navy) Available in the empty bags section. 

Kit excludes oxygen cylinder and soft pack


Multi-flow Oxygen Regulator with 2 x DISS outlets

Demand-Valve Head

Bag Valve Mask Adult Resuscitator

Oxygen Powered Suction Unit

Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter

Adult Hudson Mask

Child Hudson Mask

Adult & Child Asthma Masks

Spare Oxygen Hosing

Oro-Pharyngeal Airways set of 8

Yankeur Sucker


Stethoscope & Sphygmomanometer

Cold Pack

Hot Pack