Advanced Breast Exam Simulator

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NEW !! Unparalled realism for teaching both clinical & self-breast examination.
Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death among women; a properly performed manual examination is an important way of detecting cancer at an early, more treatable stage. Code LF00980U 3-4 week lead time applies.

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Developed by women, to save women's lives!

Unlike other simulators, tissue density actually varies within the simulated breast, just as it does in a live patient. Tumors of varying sizes (1-4 cm diameter), shapes (round, oval, irregular/stellate), and densities can be inserted by the instructor for an expanded combination of training scenarios. Tumors represent adenomas, cysts, malignant tumors, and enlarged lymph nodes. The torso is correctly positioned in the supine position and allows access to both axillae. The trainer features palpable ribs, sternum and clavicles, and enlarged lymph nodes in the axillary and subclavicular areas. Peau d'orange ("orange peel skin") wiuth inflammation, inverted nipples, skin dimpling and asymmetry are also depicted on the incredibly realistic skin.

The Life/form® Advanced Breast Examination Simulator has been designed for supine examination, but may also be used standing upright if desired. Training may also be done without the overlay skin.

Includes a rigid underbody, right and left breast inserts, overlay skin, three tumor sets (27 lumps), baby powder, hard carrying case, and instruction manual.

Torso size: 14" W x 11" H x 6" D (35 x 28 x 15 cm). Three year warranty. Sh. wt. 20lbs. (9.07 kg).

 - Female torso in supine position (may also be placed in upright position)
 - Axillae exposed
 - Anatomy includes: ribs, sternum, and clavicles 
 - Three enlarged lymph nodes: two axillary, one subclavicular 
 - Two soft breast inserts: right and left
 - Seven cavities that accept lumps of various shapes, sizes and densities: four in right breast and three in left breast
 - Four holes in chest wall representing tumor infiltration into the chest wall
 - 37 lumps: nine extra-soft brown (not pictured), nine soft pink, nine medium white, nine hard red, one hard black with rivet (not pictured)
 - Thin, flexible skin overlay molded from live model

 - Tissue density varies within simulated breast
 - Right breast normal in appearance
 - Left breast: enlarged, with peau d’ orange texture seen in inflammatory breast cancer (IBC); area reddened and rash-like, nipple is inverted and skin just above is retracted, large malignant tumor directly beneath
 - Lumps may be used singly or in combination in various cavities for multiple effects
 - Lumps vary: size (1-4 cm diameter), shape (round, oval, irregular/stellate), density (extra-soft, soft, medium, hard)
 - Lumps represent: adenomas, cysts, malignant tumors, and enlarged lymph nodes
 - Extra-soft brown lumps cannot be palpated and intended to fill unused cavities; represent a normal, healthy breast when placed in right breast inserts

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