Surgical Sally

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A readily available patient with 14 surgical wounds. Code LF00929U

Not available on-line please call or email for purchase enquiries.

Surgical Sally is a replica of a 29" x 17" female. Special vinyl formulations have been used to create the most lifelike look and feel possible. The flexible, flesh-colored skin realistically responds to adhesives and all types of bandaging procedures. Three year warranty. Surgical Sally features the following simulated wounds:
• Thyroidectomy
• Mid-Sternal Split - With Chest Tube Drains
• Mastectomy - With Simulated Drain
• Cholecystectomyn - With Simulated T-Tube
• Laparotomy
• Appendectomy
• Colostomy
• Ileostomy
• Abdominal Hysterectomy
• Thoracotomy
• Nephrectomy
• Laminectomy
• Sacral Decubitus Ulcer - Stage 2
• Leg Amputation Stump
Life/form® Surgical Bandaging Simulator comes complete with hard carrying case.