Basic Buddy CPR Manikin 5-Pack

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Dramatic, inexpensive, and state-of-the-art manikin
• Realistic and affordable
• No risk of cross contamination or need to sanitize manikins after use

(Code LF03694U)

• Airway opens using the head-tilt/chin-lift method
• Visible chest rise when ventilated
• Xiphoid process provides anatomical reference point for hand placement and compressions
• Features both adult and child capabilities
• Simple to assemble and provide trouble-free maintenance
• Rugged carrying bags make transporting the Basic Buddy™ 5-Pack convenient (manikins fit into bags fully assembled)
• Three-month warranty
Consists of five adult, 50 lung/mouth protection bags, five lung insertions tools, one carrying case, and an instruction manual.
Note: When using foam-bodeid manikins for AED training, use only pads designed for foam bodies.