Noelle Birthing Torso

  • Description

An economical simulator for those programs dedicated to practice of all facets of childbirth.
This full-size upper and lower female torso comes with removable stomach cover and one articulating birthing baby with umbilical cord and placenta. The automatic birthing system rotates baby as it moves through the birth canal. Allows you to measure head descent and cervical dilation. 

Features multiple placenta positions. Replaceable dilating cervices, practice on postpartum suturing on vulval inserts, and practice of Leopold Maneuvers. The torso comes with four umbilical cords, four dilating cervices, two umbilical clamps, three vulva for postpartum suturing, talcum powder and water soluble silicone lubricant, instruction manual, and soft nylon carrying bag. Code SB37714U

Not available on-line please call or email for purchase enquiries.