Compact Space Chamber Plus

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Designed and developed in Australia. Recommended for delivering respiratory medication via ANY (pMDI) metered dose inhaler. (Code SP SPAP S)

Clinical studies have shown that by adding a spacer to a pMDI, drug delivery to the lungs can be improved by 40% to 60% 1


  • Cross Valve Technology™ ensures very low resistance when inhaling your medication (breathing in) and also allows you to easily breathe out through the chamber.
  • Transparent polycarbonate chamber
    Respiratory valves and their movement can be easily seen. Enables the confirmation of correct product operation and usage.
  • Universal inhaler base 
    Compatible with all types of aerosol medication (‘puffer’). Does not easily detach when removing the ‘puffer’.
  • Unique multi-purpose mouthpiece for standard face masks
    22 mm outer diameter can be used with any international standard facemask.
  • Compact size
    Easily fits into school bags, handbags or briefcases to allow easier storage and handling.
  • Single patient use
  • Dishwasher Safe