Adolescent CPR Water Rescue Manikin 10KG

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This Adolescent model is made of durable vinyl plastic with rust-resistant stainless steel skeleton, articulated joints, and CPR capabilities. When filled with water, manikin will submerge to the neck. (Code PP01329U) lead time applies.

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Features and Construction
The Adult Water Rescue manikin’s skeleton consists of coated steel
cable, fittings and hardware. The manikin is articulated, and can be
used in various water lifesaving exercises including top and bottom
• Manikin weight- approximately 40 lbs.
• Manikin submerged weight – approximately 105lbs.
• Can be additionally weighted to reach a submerged weight of
• Cables and limbs are replaceable (Contact our customer service
• Manikin weight- approximately 20 lbs.
• Manikin submerged weight – approximately 50lbs.
• Cables and limbs are replaceable (Contact our customer service
Basic Use:
Top Water Rescue:
The adult Water Rescue manikin is designed for water safety programs.
The manikin takes on weight by filling with water through
the small holes in the legs and arms. The manikin’s torso may be
filled with water by opening the valve located on the shoulder.
When the manikin is filled it will sink to around mouth level.
Bottom Water Rescue:
To fully submerge the Adult Water Rescue manikin, remove the
vinyl cover and plastic insert located in the abdomen of the manikin.
Add about 10 lbs. of weight (i.e., a brick) Replace the plastic
insert and vinyl cover. The manikin will now fully submerge.
Important: We strongly recommended that a flotation device
and/or tether be affixed to the manikin in those situations
where loss is possible.
STORAGE: Drain the water rescue manikin after each use. Do not
turn the manikin upside down to drain. Repositioning of the extremities
will allow the water to drain out of the holes in the posterior aspects
of the arms and legs while the manikin is lying on its back. To
remove water from the chest cavity, open the shoulder valve minimally
and position the manikin on a slant to facilitate drainage. Store
the manikin at room temperature. In cold environments the manikin
will harden and will return to normal flexibility when returned to a
warmer temperature.