CPR Trainer Advanced Starter Pack #2

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The premium kit for the professional educator, including the outstanding, life like CPR Brad, Kyle and Kim Manikins. Code FAT6
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The CPR Advanced Trainer Starter Pack #2 Includes:
- 2 CPR Brad Manikins
- 1 CPR Kyle Child Manikin
- 1 CPR Kim Newborn Manikin
- Additional 10 pack of (Brad PP02023U) (Kyle PP02082U) and (Kim PP02068U) Mouth/Nose pieces
- Additional 24 pack of (Brad PP02805U)  (Kyle PP02955U) and (Kim PP02905U) Lung/Airway systems
- 100 x APL Healthcare Manikin face shields (WAP-3029)
- AED Trainer with Adult & Child Pads (XFT 120C+)
- Key ring Face Shield (APL FS)
- CPR Super Pocket Mask (RMLWC02)
- 100 Bonus APL Healthcare Manikin Face Shields (WAP-3029)
- 50 Triangular Bandages (APLTRI)
- 50 Roller Bandages (APLCCB)