Giant Hands-On Eyeball

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Gives students an opportunity to take an in-depth look into the organ of vision. Six times larger than life, with five detachable parts, it’s plain to see why this giant, take-apart eye generates such student enthusiasm, providing both visual and tactile stimuli. (Code SB31473U)

Please note: 6 week lead time applies to ordering this product

In full view on the outer surface is the transparent cornea, through which the iris and pupil are visible, as well as the prominent tear gland, attachments for all six muscles of eye movement, and the optic nerve. To investigate the interior of the eyeball, the model divides into hemispheres. Once the upper hemisphere is detached, the iris/cornea unit can be lifted out, as can the functional Lucite® lens which, your students will discover, actually magnifies objects and forms inverted images. Next, they’ll find that they can see through the transparent, vitreous body. After they remove the vitreous body, they’ll discover the light-sensitive retina. Students will repeatedly take turns disassembling and reassembling this giant eyeball, reinforcing the learning process through hands-on activity. Hand-numbered, the eyeball is accompanied by a two-page study guide detailing the purpose and function of its 19 principal features. Mounted on a tip-proof wooden base, the unit measures 6" x 6" x 6".