Xtreme 2 Trauma Moulage Kit

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Explosion and voilent trauma injuries with detail, thats what this moulage kit contains. The adhesives incuuded stick these to either human or manikin materials. (Code PP00025U) 3-4 week lead time.

Not available on-line please call or email for purchase enquiries.

This kit augments the Xtreme Trauma Moulage Kit, item 620, with different causative agents and a selection of deeper wounds so that packing with gauze can be accomplished. Many of them can bleed with the included reservoir bag/pump assembly. These rugged and durable wounds peel off and their long life allow for multiple uses over years of applications. This kit comes in a sturdy carry box.

These are the wounds included: These accessories are included:

Xtreme Exit Gunshot Palm

Skin Tite & Thi-vex Kit
Xtreme Face Burn 3rd Degree Tongue Depressor/spatula Combo
Xtreme Eviscerated Intestine Red Grease Paint 2 Oz.
Xtreme Forearm Avulsion W/flap White Grease Paint 2 Oz.
Xtreme Impaled Stick Brown Grease Paint 2 Oz.
Xtreme Exit Wound Blue Grease Paint 2 Oz
Xtreme 12cm Laceration Casualty Simulation Wax 8 Oz.
Xtreme Electrical Palm Burn Blood Powder Pkg For 1 Gallon
Xtreme Intermediate range Shotgun Entry Coagulant Blood 4 Oz.
Xtreme .45cal Close Entry Methyl Cellulose For Blood
Xtreme Open Fracture Tibia Broken Glass
Xtreme Open Fracture Femur Spirit Gum 1 Oz W/brush
Xtreme Open Fracture Clavicle Disposable Tape Remover Pads