Multi XFT AED Trainer & Bag

xft bag
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Designed for training AED classes. 5 x top selling XFT AED (120C+) Latest version Trainers packaged in a FREE First Responder Bag (MS14031RB) for easy transportation. Shoulder strap & A4 CPR Chart included.

(This bag contains 5 x units in total)

Each unit contains 

3 x sets of Adult & Child Pads

1 x set of Adult & Child Leads

3 x AA Battery Operated & 240V Aus Standards Power Option. 

Save hundreds of dollars on Australia's best-selling AED Trainer, which offers ten (10) in-built remotely controlled scenarios, plus more.
As the exclusive Australian distributor of the XFT AED, you are assured of getting the latest model and great prices.

N.B. Please beware of old superseeded models.

All the functions needed to teach your students about AED operation at an economical price.